Christmas Eve at FPC

"For to us a Child will be born. To us a Son will be given. And the rule of the nations will be on His shoulders. His name will be called Wonderful, Teacher, Powerful God, Father Who Lives Forever, Prince of Peace."

Isaiah 9:6 (NLV)

On Christmas Eve . . .

. . . we invite you to consider how God in Christ came with love and a burning desire to reconcile all of humanity with God.  However dark or cold it may be out in the world, wherever Christ is present and praised, there is the warmth of heavenly light and glad tidings for all! Let us, therefore, draw near to one another as friends and families to share in the glorious Good News of Christ’s birth.

We welcome you to join us this Christmas Eve for a service of rejoicing to celebrate the birth of our Lord.  Let us remember together, with awe and gratitude, how God shone His light into our darkness on that first Christmas. We pray that we may be bearers of His light to all who languish in the darkness of poverty, illness and fear. May we share with them the light that shines from the face of our Lord Jesus Christ.

The  FPC staff invites you to worship with us on Christmas Eve at either our 4:00 or 6:30 PM services.   Both times will involve carols, candlelight, and scripture, as well as music by soloists and instrumentalists.

This is a wonderful opportunity to bring those friends and neighbors who are looking for a church home, who may not know Jesus, or who just enjoy the music of this time of year.  Extend the invitation and bring someone to church with you.

May the full meaning of Christmas be real to us all  . . .  now and always.