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Dec, 2017

Kyle and Rahel Winter
Sihanoukville, Cambodia

As I look back on 2017 I see a year of big change for our family. In the beginning of the year we started to downsize, sell and give away most of our stuff. The challenge before us: fitting our entire life into 7 suitcases plus carry-ons. I don't know how many times we made piles of maybes that later were put on the not so important list. In the end it turned into one big game of Tetris, trying to maximize our space. Thankfully my husband is a master packer and he rose up to the challenge.

Early April we said our good byes and left the US indefinitely. I can't even describe the myriad of emotions as we stepped on that airplane, knowing we were about to put down roots in a country pretty much unknown to us.
The transition was marked by emotions flying high with the kids and God’s grace around every corner, from a perfect house to a comfy couch and an amazing language helper. Many a time did we come to the end of our grace with each other as we were trying to establish a new rhythm of life. As time moved on life started to calm down, we started to embark on the journey of learning Khmer, which definitely is not for the faint of heart, and started to flesh out business ideas.

Towards the later part of 2017 Eliza hit a big milestone by starting preschool. She absolutely loved it and we were so proud of her. Every day we hop on the Moto and brave the sometimes rather crazy traffic to get to school.

As the year came to a close we met with a German playground architect as well as architects from the US who have designed buildings in Cambodia before. The meetings were encouraging and our team started to dream big, more than we had up to this point. The year came to a close with creating new traditions for the holiday season, lots of Christmas music and cookies and a visit from Santa.

As we gaze into the future and start planning our 2018, we will be going on a YWAM staff retreat in Thailand, continue to study Khmer, fine tune our business plan, visit Germany, fundraiser for our business, and dive deeper into the Khmer culture. We will also continue to build relationships in our neighborhood. A major highlight of the last 4 months has been having the kids from around here come almost every day to play for a few hours in the afternoon. As we interact with the kids we are slowly gaining trust with their parents and in so doing are becoming a part of the tightly woven community here. We are blessed to be on this amazing journey with God and look to 2018 with great expectation!

With Love,
The Winters - Rahel, Kyle, Eliza and Hayden

Kyle and Rahel  Winter (son and daughter-in-law of Pastor Jeff and Judy) are working with Youth with a Mission in Cambodia.  They left the States in April, 2017, and will team with Rahel's brother and his wife for mission work.

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