Mom to Mom Classes

Though at various stages of parenting, we share a common desire to grow as women and as mothers. Our Mom to Mom class is the place where we can do just that. We can better equip ourselves for what the world has to throw at us, encourage each other by sharing with other moms confronting similar challenges, and get energized with loving support from each other.

The mission of this class is to educate, encourage, equip and energize women for the most important job in all the world-parenting. Through practical, Biblically-based teaching on parenting and through supportive interaction in a small group led by an experienced mother. We wish to foster growth not only in our parenting skills but in our wholeness as women-intellectually, relationally and spiritually.

This year's curriculum, Heart Talk On What Really Matters, will help us in our parenting skills, give us hope in the powerful God who gave us these children and is our ultimate Power Source and provide us with heart-to-heart encouragement from one mom to another.

Classes will be held in the library every other week on Wednesday evenings from 6:30-7:45 PM, beginning on January 10 and running through March 21. All moms with kids are invited to attend. Childcare is provided for children three years and younger and a children's program is provided for school-aged children up to 5th grade. There will also be a youth program for middle/high school students. Registration is required and must be completed by December 31, 2017.

We will start each class with the "core curriculum" DVD teaching done by Linda Anderson, founder of Mom to Mom Ministries. Mother of 3 and grandmother of 8, Linda has a background as an educator and reading specialist, and has been teaching parenting groups and Bible studies for more than 20 years. She integrates much of her own life and reading into her Biblically-based teaching.

The evening lecture is followed by discussion led by an experienced mother, Cecilee Withrow, mother of 4 and grandmother of 1. We will discuss the topic of the evening and how to apply it to our own families. Here we have a safe place to share the joys and frustrations of motherhood and to explore the promises God gives to us as parents.

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